Building a social enterprise – a Founder’s view

I was excited to have been recently interviewed by the London Law Collective, on my inspirations, successes and challenges in founding Learning Possibilities, a social enterprise, and advice I would offer to others. You can see the interview on their website.

How to use the lockdown to boost your grades

Over the past few months there has been an exceptional amount focus on education technology and home learning, and while that is a good thing for the long term, the reality for many students in the UK and possibly around the world is that their academic success will be measured by grades achieved in exams and assessments. We were kindly provided access to this amazing webinar by the amazing folks at Cat8, a voluntary organisation setup to provide support during these Covid times, with useful information, thoughts and resources shared in a number of subjects including health, education and finance. To see more of these webinars, you can visit their Youtube Channel

As many students in the UK find out their grades in this fortnight, there are undoubtedly going to be a lot of challenges as many students may find themselves receiving lower grades than expected and therefore will no doubt request to sit exams in the autumn. Globally, similar scenes are playing out as exams are postponed and/or cancelled for the year. Therefore, we felt that this very interesting webinar by Cat8 could be very useful for anxious parents and students who intend to sit for exams in the coming months, who can use this holiday/lockdown time to improve their grades.


LP+365 supports all teaching methods including ‘Structured courses’ which some teachers may have used previously on other LMS platforms. ‘Structured courses’ allow teachers to present all of their learning resources and activities together to their students, in one simple package. Watch ‘How to create a Structured course in LP+365’ below to find out more.

To read an independent paper evaluating LP+365 and Moodle, click here.