The Executive team at Learning Possibilities has over 50 years of school ICT experience.

At Learning Possibilities we are fortunate to have a team with a common vision:
We want to drive digital skills through adoption of classroom technology, enable equity in education through access to learning and continue to create better learning tools.


Prof. Stephen Heppell


Stephen has worked, and is working, with government around the world, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, with schools and communities, with his PhD students and with many influential trusts and organizations.

Stephen believes that the ‘structures and strictures of education will be swept aside by the engagement, seduction, delight, passion and astonishment of a new learning world’.

Stephen shares his conviction that if we want to know what education will look like in the future, we only need to look at what is happening in the online Cloud now.


Dr Mehool Sanghrajka MBE


” In 2010 we published the award winning ADOPT Framework which was selected as the UK’s National Learning Platform Adoption Model, by the UK Department for Education. ADOPT is a 5 stage model defining the adoption of Microsoft Technologies in the classroom. The LP+ Platform has been used by over 1 million learners in that time.

ADOPT is the culmination of a 10 year journey to understand how technologies can be used to drive positive educational outcomes whilst allowing a range of pedagogies. Our platforms are designed to drive adoption and cater to the needs of educators and learners across many countries in the world.

Research shows that using the LP+ Platform builds communication and collaboration skills as engaging hard to reach learners”

Dr Mehool Sanghrajka was awarded an MBE in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list services to the Jain faith and education.

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