Philippines DepEd Identity Management

Providing digital learning for Philippines using Identity Management. Since 2018 numerous large-scale projects have been rolled out by Learning Possibilities on identity management to initiate the secure digital learning for 25 million students and teachers in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd).

Project: DepEd Identity Management
Customer: Department of Education Philippines
Users: 25,000,000
Date: 2018 - Current

DepEd Identity Management

Learning Possibilities undertook projects to create the identity management component for the DepEd environment. Identity management component forms a layer on the infrastructure that bonds all areas of the DepEd infrastructure providing unique usernames for students and teachers across all 25 DepEd’s Office 365 tenancies and Azure subscription. The Identity management setup allows for teachers and students to be migrated to schools within a O365 tenancy and between tenancies during term time and for new term rollover. This identity management component is the foundation and integration point for all applications linking into the MIS (Management Information system) , Microsoft O365 and other applications including the learning and collaboration platform (LP+365) that uses a secure single sign-on.

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DepEd Project (4.55 mins)

The LP+ Identity Management solution in the Philippines running LP+365, Teams and Office 365