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Westridge Primary & High School

Project: Westridge High School
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

After trying multiple platforms “LP+365 was implemented as a solution to provide a complete classroom experience for students, with remote learning capabilities that were industry leading and created specifically for the education requirements of the students and teachers.”

About Westridge Primary & High School

Westridge Primary School is a multi-cultural, multi- racial, non-governmental, non-profit making and educational institution that offers primary education from ECD to Grade 7 with Westridge High School offering education from Form 1 to Upper 6. Both schools are operated under the auspices of the Hindoo Society, Harare (Responsible Authority) and within the confines of the regulatory instruments outlined by the parent ministry i.e. Ministry of Education, Art, Sports and Culture. The founders' vision of providing quality, all round education that stretches and satisfies every child spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally, and emotionally is the cornerstones of the school's philosophy.

The most important club in the school is the wildlife club. It is held at the Eco park which the late Mr. R. Ramlaul created and cherished. In the Eco park there are varieties of trees and a big pond full of fish. There are also several species of birds that are resident there.

Challenges prior to the use of LP+365

The school did not have an overall ICT policy for staff and students, besides the mainstream ICT subject matter offered for specific classes.

Digital literacy amongst teachers was not emphasised and posed a challenge to the implementation of technology in education. The advent of Covid 19 in Zimbabwe brought about the desperate requirement to implement remote learning. Google Classroom was implemented and found to be deficient in many respects, with remote learning and digital technology application to education being the primary requirement. The true extent of the deficiency was not apparent, but consistent comment and complaints from parents and guardians was systemic at this point. The administration, management and governance of the school therefore made a decision to implement Microsoft Teams in an attempt to create a better classroom environment to facilitate learning.

How LP+365 is used

With Microsoft Teams still deficient in some respects, LP+365 was implemented as a solution to provide a complete classroom experience for students, with remote learning capabilities that were industry leading and created specifically for the education requirements of the students and teachers.

How were challenges overcome

Intense attention to the requirements of teachers, through live interactive online sessions was undertaken with a ‘no stones unturned’ support policy. All support queries were attended to and additional unrequested support and training was provided in each session to highlight functionalities and aspects overlooked by teachers.


The school has discovered the value of the application of technology in education, especially LP+365, that provides a solution to the reduction of disruptions brought about by health events, such as the pandemic, civil unrest or other unforeseen events.

The platform offers the ability to increase enrolment, provide extensive interactive learning for learners by educators as well as an improvement in academic outcomes. The resultant positive impact on reputation would in turn improve the financial viability of this community not-for-profit school conceptualised and created by a welfare organisation.

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Westridge Primary School

Mr Thakor Kanjee


I am not an IT person but I understand the importance of technology in education, especially during the pandemic as it was the only way of keeping in touch with students and their parents.  LP+365 has been a God-send. It has enabled us to sell the concept of online learning and keep going as an educational institution.  The number of students logging on and working online has grown, along with the confidence of the users.  LP+365 has worked wonders for us and we are proud to be one of 2 schools in Zimbabwe using this technology.

Mr Matthew Mupfumisi

IT Administrator

Roll out done in one week, with the support of Conceptarian Worx.  Simple layout/structure, easy to use product. Youngest class provisioned so far is Grade 2 (6 year olds) and they are thoroughly enjoying exploring and making use of LP+365, especially the Class Notebook area.

Westridge High School



"LP+365 is useful, easy to implement, versatile. It is very effective – I love it, I love it!"



"LP+365 is useful, flexible, helpful and has allowed the school to teach the Form 4s and Form 6s during lockdown and they are now writing their final IGCSE and CIE exams. "