Learning Possibilities, the provider of Hwb+, the all-Wales Learning Platform, and UK’s leading cloud-based learning platform provider to schools, today announced that its contract to provide Hwb+ to Welsh schools has been extended to August 2018.

Learning Possibilities continues its commitment to deliver ‘a world-class’ bilingual platform playing its part in the ‘Learning in Digital Wales’ programme. With all schools in Wales having seamless access to Office 365 and single sign-on to 3rd party content through Hwb+, the transformation of teaching and learning practices in Wales is well underway. The adoption of the platform is confirmed with a number of Hwb+ accredited trainers, 18 Hwb+ centres of excellence and several seconded teachers as digital leaders, across Wales.

On the extension Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis said:

“I have made a clear statement about the importance of digital skills for Welsh learners by announcing that digital competence will become the third cross-cutting responsibility for all teachers in our new Curriculum for Wales. This places digital competence on an equal footing with literacy and numeracy and underlines the importance of our ongoing investment in digital learning tools such as the Hwb+ platform, to give all teachers and learners the same opportunities to build their digital skills.”

Stephen Heppell, Learning Possibilities’ Chairman also commented:

“We are excited to continue being a major part of this important national project and look forward to supporting the transformation of education in Wales and the implementation of the Donaldson report. I am proud to see schools in Wales using the Hwb+ technology to drive the adoption of digital skills.”

The extension of the Hwb+ contract continues to be an integral part of the strategy to transform Wales into a truly digital nation.


Learning Possibilities™, the provider of Hwb+, the all Wales National Learning platform, and UK’s leading cloud-based learning platform provider to schools, today announced that it has been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certificate for Information Security Management Systems. The award is the only internationally recognized and most prestigious certification for Information Security Management, a company can have.

The certification was awarded after 18 months of rigorous work updating processes and systems to meet the requirements of this internationally recognized best practice framework. The ISO 27001:2013 is a management system that helps Learning Possibilities identify the risks to any important information and put in place the appropriate controls to help reduce the risk. It is a key component for data security and management, and covers the company’s management system, premises and data centre.

Tony Sheppard, Project Manager & Information Security Manager for Learning Possibilities said:

“Learning Possibilities has proved it has the requisite information security controls in place to protect sensitive client data. This achievement combined with our LP+4 SharePoint learning platform, has made us a leading education provider. Our platform was selected by the Welsh Government to run the bilingual national learning platform for Wales – Hwb+, and in 2015 were selected to be on the G-Cloud Framework, a true testament of the confidence our customers have in our security controls and our ability to follow internationally-recognized security standards.”

The ISO 27001:2013 adds to the quality management certification that the company has held since its incorporation in 2005, including the ISO 9001:2008 certification; and is testament to the company’s commitment to quality, data security and efficiency in Information Security Management.


About Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities are the suppliers of LP+4, a learning platform used worldwide. The company has a long history of building and implementing e-learning solutions across a range of countries and cultures, and have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in cloud computing for education and government customers. The Learning Possibilities platform built on Microsoft technologies is currently used by over 1 million users across the UK.

In 2014 Learning Possibilities won the Education Investor Award for Technological Infrastructure. In 2012, Learning Possibilities won the national contract to provide the LP+4 learning platform to all schools in Wales.

In 2010 the LP+ platform won the prestigious BETT ICT Education Partnership Award. Learning Possibilities is also the publisher of the LP+ Adopt e-maturity framework for schools, selected by Becta (UK Department of Education) as the National Learning Platform Adoption Model for England.

For more information contact Bansri Mehta | +44 (0) 20 8236 1018 | bansri.mehta@lpplus.com


Learning Possibilities, the provider of the leading LP+ learning platform, and Wolverhampton City Council have strengthened their partnership that has been at the forefront of e-learning pedagogy since 2005. This award winning partnership produced LP+ ADOPT, the national framework for e-maturity in learning platforms and is winner of the 2010 BETT Educational Partnership Award.

The partnership has been enriched, by providing additional training and support, equivalent to three days, to all schools in Wolverhampton on the LP+ learning platform. The training will focus on teaching and learning using the LP+ platform and trainers will help with school improvement using the LP+ ADOPT maturity model.

Gavin Hawkins from Wolverhampton City Council said that:

“Through our ongoing partnership, the additional support provided will focus on embedding the LP+ learning platform into teaching and learning as the learning platform has become an essential resource in many schools.”

Learning Possibilities CEO Mehool Sanghrajka commented:

“I am delighted to build on this very successful partnership. This new collaboration will ensure schools get maximum benefit from their investment in the LP+ learning platform.”

Learning Possibilities wins Wales contract


Learning Possibilities, the UK’s leading provider of learning platforms for schools, is delighted to announce that it has been selected by the Welsh Government through a competitive process to support its vision of creating the world’s best online environment for learning.

The platform will support national actions including encouraging, supporting and preparing teachers to operate in a digital environment and to share their digital practice. The platform will eventually support up to one million users and will host a national collection of digital resources to support teaching and learning for learners aged 3 to 19 in Wales which will be known as the National Digital Repository.

With Office365, LP+4 delivers a whole new suite of online tools where students and teachers are able to create, upload, edit and share Office documents and access emails and instant message online from any device with a browser and internet access – even if schools do not have Microsoft Office installed on their computers.

Mehool Sanghrajka, Learning Possibilities’ Chief Executive commented:

“We are thrilled that we have been selected for this important national project. Our experience in building cloud based learning platform and our work on the ADOPT framework and related pedagogy will be critical in driving this project. I look forward to a long partnership with the Department and schools in Wales.”

Learning Possibilities will work closely with users, schools, local authorities and regional educational consortia to deliver secure collaboration between staff and students through a bi-lingual, personalised interface. The platform will also include open public access to resources. The solution will be based on the recently released LP+4 platform integrated with Office 365, which was showcased at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July 2012.

Commenting on one of the largest Office 365 education projects, Steve Beswick, Microsoft UK Education Director, added:

“I am delighted that the Microsoft and Learning Possibilities partnership continues to show tremendous results with another national learning platform win. LP+4 was one of the first learning platforms to fully integrate into Office 365, offering great value, tools and resources to any school regardless of size.”

Learning Possibilities launched the LP+4 learning platform in November 2011 and this is the second national project to be announced, following a win in the Middle East earlier this year.


Learning Possibilities and Kuwait based Diyar have formed a joint venture to serve Middle Eastern markets. The partnership will deliver Diyar ICT services, the LP+ learning platform to governments, private schools and education groups.

The LP+4 learning platform will form a key part of the State’s strategy to improve the quality of education in public schools through e-learning. The LP+4 platform will be deployed locally in Kuwait and will be rolled out to all secondary schools in the State in the coming months. The solution also includes training based on the LP+ ADOPT framework for staff at the MoE and schools. LP+ ADOPT was recently selected by BECTA as the basis of the National Learning Platform Maturity Model.

Mehool Sanghrajka, Learning Possibilities’ CEO commented

“We are delighted to be expanding abroad with an opportunity of this scale. We are confident that together we will successfully deliver an e-learning project that will contribute to transforming the quality of education in the State’s schools.”

Becta selects ADOPT


Becta has selected the ADOPT Framework as a model for the national learning platform maturity model.

Learning Possibilities (LP+) and Wolverhampton City Council are pleased to be working with Becta, following a formal competitive process, on a model that will become the basis of a national learning platform maturity framework available to all English education institutions and partners in 2010.

The maturity framework is based upon the ADOPT Framework – developed by Learning Possibilities and the Wolverhampton City Council CYP e-services team – and the technology adoption principles of Hooper and Rieber.

The ADOPT Framework proceeeds through five stages allowing schools to gauge their level of development, measure successes and plot a course to school transformation using the learning platform as a key vehicle for delivering against school improvement objectives and policy areas.

Professor Stephen Heppell commented:

“I believe that the ADOPT framework is the ‘bit’ that is currently missing in guidance to schools – and school leaders in particular – around implementing a learning platform; the bit which bridges technologies, transformation and people.”

The ADOPT Framework was completed in July 2009 following several months of pilot work. It was written with both partners contributing on a pedagogical and technical level. It was then presented and put in context for other schools and local authorities. Feedback in and beyond Wolverhampton has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our ADOPT book, “The ADOPT Framework – Supporting schools to transform using the learning platform” will be published in January 2010.

Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. It is Becta’s ambition to utilise the benefits of technology to create a more exciting, rewarding and successful experience for learners of all ages and abilities, enabling them to achieve their potential.


Learning Possibilities announced as winners of the ‘ICT Education Partnership’ category of the BETT 2010 Awards for our work with Wolverhampton City Council.

The winners of the BETT Awards 2010, the most prestigious and sought-after accolade for educational technology suppliers, were announced on the opening day of BETT, the world’s largest educational technology event.

The award-wiining partnership between Learning Possibilities and Wolverhampton has resulted in a wide range of successful outcomes – including the development of the ADOPT Framework.

The BETT Award judges said:

“Learning Possibilities demonstrated evidence of an effective partnership based on shared values and an ethos of transforming education. The partnership has enabled the local authority to provide bespoke support and entry points to the learning platform rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Saving schools money


A research study led by Lancaster University has shown the value of the LP+ learning platform within Wolverhampton schools.Schools included in the study described the value of being able to involve pupils in creative practices that can be captured and held on the learning platform.

The study, carried out in conjunction with Senior Research Fellow Don Passey, of Lancaster University, and the Wolverhampton Local Authority, looked at use of the LP+ learning platform within the city’s schools.

The summary report includes the key findings of research undertaken and highlights the benefits of using a learning platform. The report also indicates that use of the learning platform to support administration and communication, tasks such as sending newsletters to parents and photocopying, can save a two class entry primary school over £38,000 per annum – a benefit of over ten times the initial costs of the LP+ learning platform.

The research also provides feedback about the support, development and implementation practices and processes undertaken with evidence gathered from a number of sources including teachers, school managers and local authority staff.

The report shows that schools implementing and adopting the learning platform are establishing as a central service within the school – supporting pupils, teachers managers and parents.

Schools included in the study described the value of being able to involve pupils in creative practices that can be captured and held on the learning platform. This provides opportunities for pupils to review and reflect on their activities and experiences. Some schools are finding that reluctant writers and communicators are being supported through use of the learning platform’s discussion areas. These factors have resulted in more homework being completed and shows that pupils are engaging in learning over a longer period of time and during extended hours.

Schools that have focused on improving parental involvement and engagement are finding that the learning platform offers them further opportunities to extend their programmes.