The LP+365 is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 meaning that you can still access all of the excellent Office 365 features offline so that lesson planning and organisation is a seamless online and offline.  Access you Outlook mailbox and calendar offline (guides can be found on our Support Centre Home Page), meaning you can still access your assignments for example.  The Class Notebook can be accessed offline too; make any changes you wish and the next time that you are online, these changes will be automatically updated for everyone to see.

Creating, setting and marking assignments could not be easier with our Office 365 integrated Assignment Tool.  Take a look at the quick support video on the Home page to see how easy it is to create dynamic assignments and tasks linking in everything from Youtube video links to coding as well as supporting resources or templates.  Don’t worry about mixed ability classes as you can select individual students as well as the entire class at one time.  Marking your tasks and assignments is made simple with our in-built comment function and the option to export the learner work statuses of each assignment for school-wide moderation.

Why not create your own community environment in your own classroom?  The LP+ collaboration tools; Discussions, Wikis and Blogs (guides can be found on our Support Centre Home Page) perfectly mirror real life social and employment situations equipping you with digital skills for your future.  Propose your own ideas for class projects.  Celebrate educational or extra-curricular success whilst promoting a powerful sense of student to class interaction.

As a teacher you will be increasingly encourage to experiment with digital technologies as a way to enable dynamic learning strategies.  It can be daunting to imagine how to develop digital content for learning assessment.  Let us here at LP+ take the stress out of embarking on a school-wide digital initiative as we offer a comprehensive user guides and quick support video guides on every feature of our solution.  Take advantage of our interactive webinars with classroom practitioners across the globe as well as peer coaching via our Communities page to share insights and advice on blended learning with LP+365.

LP+365 is a modern and exciting digital resource where teachers can share ideas and lesson plans, resources or useful links you have come across. For example, would you like to encourage music learning in your school? Download one of lesson packs to explore how the LP+365 app boosts learning outcomes through dynamic learning and collaboration. The Cloud Based Class Notebook is an excellent resource which can be downloaded and integrated across class dashboards fostering a charismatic teacher network in schools. The guides for all of the tools and features of the LP+365 web app can be found on the Support Centre Home Page.

The Office 365 integrated OneNote Class Notebook is a perfectly designed tool to help you to become more time efficient and above all organise your lesson planning and delivery.  LP+365 auto-provisions the Class Notebook so that it is just one-click from the Class Dashboard instead of sharing OneNote via email invitations.  OneNote Class Notebooks have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.