The LP+ Tech Team have been busy bug fixing & updating the app to improve it’s performance in the classroom:

✔Students are now able to begin their assignments directly through email hyperlinks

✔Improved links to picture tile thumbnails

✔Optimised performance for retrieval of blog categories

✔Improved Assignment views to meet web accessibility standards

✔Calendar bug fixes and improved views in all browsers

✔Improved provisioning of special characters in Class Notebook

✔Improved ability to export active licence info for user accounts

✔Progressive Web App now includes the analytics feature in the full school app

✔Mobile browser optimisation

✔New Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 optimisation


We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about the new updates or answer any questions you have about these changes. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know what you think!

Support Centre and App Updates

We are thrilled to finally be able to announce the exciting changes we have made to our App…

The Support Centre

The team have been working hard creating our new Support Centre.

✔ Packed with support and feature guides, how-to videos, case-studies and tips and tricks to get the most out of your App!

✔ Our Stephen Heppell feature page including blogs and articles written by the world renound Prof. Stephen Heppell

✔ We’ve moved the Support Centre from the side menu to the Global Navigation bar to make it more accessible, navigate to the Centre by clicking on the Support Centre icon!

How-To Support Videos

✔ We have created quick support videos demonstrating the main features of the App and how these can be utilised from a teacher and student perspective

✔ The videos can be accessed via the support centre or by selecting the video icon on each of the main features within the app

✔ The in-app video icons are off by default but can be toggled on from ‘Manage App Settings’ by an Admin User.


Announcements Update

✔ The Announcements tile in class/subject dashboard now allows html content to be added through a rich text editor

✔ You can format text and add in hyperlinks which will appear in the tile or the pop up window


New Pilot Programme

✔ We have decomissioned our preview App and removed this from the Microsoft Store to make way for our new pilot programme

Sign up for the free pilot of LP+365 to see how the App can transform the way you use Office 365!


As always we’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about the new updates. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know what you think.

LP+365 Updates

We’ve made some changes to the LP+365 App…

✔ We’ve enhanced the Office 365 toolset accessible from the App menu bar to include: Forms, Videos, Stream & Sway

Support YouTube Videos

✔ We’re adding support YouTube videos to our app to ensure you’re utilising all the tools available on LP+365

✔ The videos will popup on the class dashboard and can be managed in the new admin area

The Admin Menu

✔ The new tools & features can be managed in our admin menu “Manage app settings” in “App settings”

✔ You can use the sliders to decide which tools are available to users


Additional Changes

✔ We’ve updated the Grading criteria and Student Centre icons to improve the look and feel of the app

✔ The side menu bar remains highlighted to show which class you’re working in


Connect with us on Twitter @tweetlpplus to tell us what you think of the new changes!

Learning Possibilities, a Microsoft Global Alliance Partner and aamra, a pioneer in the information and communication technology industry of Bangladesh, will together deliver the LP+365 App to educational establishments throughout Bangladesh.

Learning Possibilities are thrilled to have signed a partnership with aamra, winner of the 2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the year award, to revolutionise learning for students across Bangladesh. aamra are unrivalled in their understanding of the needs of their clients providing them with technology solutions  to maximise product satisfaction. aamra pride themselves on providing the appropriate technology to help organisations thrive delivering only the highest quality products and services. Learning Possibilities and aamra’s new partnership will  deliver the LP+365 solution aiming to improve digital literacy, drive Office 365 usage and provide users with the toolset needed to boost communication, collaboration and creativity in the classroom.

What is LP+365?

LP+365 is the latest learning and collaboration platform by Microsoft Global Partner, Learning Possibilities. Integrated with the latest Microsoft technology on one simple but engaging dashboard the App brings LP+ technology to Office365, providing schools with all the tools they need to share resources, communicate, collaborate and manage assignments. The App encompasses technology enhanced learning complementing flexible pedagogies where teachers and students can explore flipped learning.

The App uses every major Office 365 tool and requires merely 20 minutes of initial teacher training. Improving digital literacy and driving the usage of Microsoft technologies the App enhances digital skills essential for employment. With over 15 years of experience and over 1 million users already benefitting from LP+ technology in the UK, LP are experts in driving the adoption of Office 365 in the classroom to help educators inculcate digital skills in learners through their award winning LP+ Platform.



Victoria Flint


Abdur Rahman Siddique


 About Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner implementing e-learning solutions with expertise in cloud computing for education and government customers. The Learning Possibilities’ LP+ platform built on Microsoft technologies is currently available to over 1 million users across the UK. In 2015 the company’s contract to supply the Hwb+ National learning platform (based on the award-winning LP+4 learning platform) to the Welsh Government was extended to 2018.  An independent research done by Lancaster University in 2009 shows that the LP+ learning platform drives educational outcomes. Learning Possibilities has also published the LP+ Adopt e-maturity framework for schools, selected by Becta (UK Department of Education) as the National Learning Platform Adoption Model for England. See more on

 About aamra

aamra is an amalgamation of businesses which are focused towards catalysing the modernization of Bangladesh by providing technology driven solutions to their clients in various market segments. aamra’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs) serve their customers with wide range of IT and ITES solutions, i.e. Internet Solutions, International Internet Gateway (IIG), Video Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Payment & FSI Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud & IOT.  aamra is unrivalled in their understanding of the needs of their clients providing them with today’s technology to maximise product satisfaction and pride themselves on providing the appropriate technology to help organisations thrive. Delivering only the highest quality products and services.

 Press Contact:

Learning Possibilities
Olivia Belchier
020 8236 1033

APAC Education Partner Summit 2018

As a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, Learning possibilities were delighted to attend and co-sponsor the annual Microsoft APAC Education Partner Summit in Singapore this week. The event aims to demonstrate how partnering with Microsoft promotes success in the education sector and creates new networking opportunities within the Microsoft Partner Network.

Committed to our customers and partners in the region we were thrilled to present the LP+365 App at the keynote speech and demonstrate the latest changes we have made to our App such as updates to the design of our dashboard improving and enhancing user experience, an updated Assignment Tool and improved App data retrieval.



Want to know more about LP+365? Contact us for a free demo

LP+365 Updates

Learning Possibilities announce the latest version of their LP+365 App, with technical changes, bug fixes and Assignment Tool updates to improve and enhance user experience…check out the changes to the App over the next coming days!

Assignment Tool

Assignments usage has now been made even easier!

✔ Future assignments are now time-released to students based on the start date allowing teachers schedule work ahead of time and plan their lessons for the academic year ahead.

✔  Leavers are now hidden from assignment views and the class membership view

✔ The Assignment tile for teachers & students no longer show due dates from past assignments

✔ Students receive improved mail notifications when assignments are set, commented upon or are overdue improving organisational skills and encourage independent management of learning tasks

General Changes and Bug Fixes

After listening to customer feedback the technical team have worked hard to enhance the performance of the LP+365 App.

✔ Tool tips have also been improved across all areas of the application

✔ We have improved app data retrieval enhancing general performance on initial sign in and loading the app tiles on all dashboards.

Managing Workloads

✔ To help students avoid missed learning opportunities and assist with workload management students receive improved and contextualised mail notifications when assignments are set, commented upon or are overdue.

Design Changes

✔ We have moved the menu bar ‘Pin’ to enhance user experience and improve app navigation.

Support Guides & Website Pages

✔ We have updated our support guides and the support area on our website to ensure you are equipped with all the tools you need to make the most of the LP+365 app in your school!

Updated Support Contact information and Email Address

✔ Our friendly and helpful support team can now be reached on our new support telephone number +44 333 77 22 365 or via our new support email address at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Coming Soon…

Learning Possibilities will be releasing the first phase of analytics into production…watch this space!



Learning Possibilities, a Global Alliance and Gold certified Microsoft Partner announce the imminent release of their LP+365 App with added Student Centre.

On a simple, engaging dashboard, the  LP+365 App transforms Office 365 into a learning and collaborative platform, providing schools with all the tools they need to share resources, communicate, collaborate and manage assignments.

Utilising Microsoft graph API, Learning Possibilities have added a student analytics function in their new Student Centre. This allows teachers to analyse student sentiment based on a traffic light system, providing teachers with a tangible measure of how students are feeling throughout their school day and an average measure of student’s sentiment throughout the week.

Student sentiment directly influences levels of student engagement and attainment, therefore by creating a tangible measure of these three fundamental factors teachers can understand which students may need additional coaching to ensure educational success.

The student centre is continuously expanding with analytics tools for engagement and attainment on our roadmap. Lp+365 analytics offer the opportunity for classroom practitioners to be more reflective; offering the ability to be more data-driven and evidence-based which will, in turn, improve student learning outcomes.

Mehool Sanghrajka, Learning Possibilities Founder and CEO said:

‘We are excited by these new developments as they will enhance the ability of teachers to help students in their learning journey’

Lp+365 analytics implements a personalised didactic approach. Assessing students according to their own sentiment, engagement and attainment. This, in turn, creates a personalised pedagogical programme designed to maximise their educational outcomes.

About Learning Possibilities
Learning Possibilities are a Global Alliance and Gold certified Microsoft Partner implementing e-learning solutions with expertise in cloud computing for education and government customers. Our mission at Learning Possibilities is to enhance teaching and learning to help students achieve more. Learning Possibilities’ LP+ platform is built on Microsoft technologies and provided to over 1 million users. The company has been contracted to supply the All Wales National learning platform to over 1700 schools, since 2012. LP+365 is their most recent platform built to transform learning and now on the global market. It is a Learning Management System, fully utilizing the power of Office 365, giving schools an education-focused, effective learning platform.For more information visit

Join Learning Possibilities and Capita at Bett UK 2018.

We are thrilled to showcasing the latest version of our LP+365 App and the new updates we have to offer such as student analytics!

We will be in HP meeting room 2 in the North Gallery of the ExCel Centre.

We hope to see you there!

Founder and CEO of Learning Possibilities recognized for services to the Jain Faith and Education.

 London, 1 January 2018: Learning Possibilities, the leading learning platform company, is thrilled to announce its founder and CEO, Dr Mehool Sanghrajka, has been awarded an MBE in the 2018 New Year honours for services to the Jain Faith and Education.

For 20+ years, Sanghrajka has been dedicated to transforming education for students around the globe. He has developed e-learning solutions which improve outcomes for learners worldwide. Sanghrajka’s key focus is on meeting the needs of learners in the digital age while enhancing and developing their digital literacy skills no matter where in the world they are located.

Learning Possibilities has created the award-winning LP+ platforms transforming education for schools across the globe, serving education and government segments globally.

Here in the UK Learning Possibilities, delivered Hwb+ a bespoke bilingual learning management system used by over 1600 schools and 600,000 users in Wales in line with the National Strategy to increase digital competency in Wales.

Upon receiving the invitation to receive an MBE Sanghrajka stated:

“I am humbled and delighted to receive this award for my two passions— education and Jainism. This inspires me to do even more and I am truly grateful to all those who worked with me over the years.”

Mehool is a Trustee and Director of the Institute of Jainology, the UK Apex body for the Jain faith where he works with the Jain all-Party Parliamentary Group and is Executive Director of the project.

Further Information:

Meena Jamfava


Olivia Belchier



Capita Managed IT Solutions is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Learning Possibilities Limited, the UK’s leading cloud based learning platform provider, offering the award-winning LP+365 App to schools throughout Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The LP+365 App has transformed the way schools use Microsoft Office 365, providing a digital solution to the management of teaching and education resources.

Imagine a scenario whereby students and teachers can instantly communicate and collaborate with one another, can access homework assignments, online textbooks and projects remotely from school, home or indeed any location with internet access.

The app effectively presents both teacher and student with a ‘virtual school’ that can be accessed using any computer, tablet device or smartphone. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the LP+365 App has transformed Microsoft Office 365 into a school Learning and Collaboration System that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.

A leading IT Services organisation delivering cloud, end-to-end IT Solutions, and IT Managed Services, Capita Managed IT Solutions has garnered a reputation as a specialist in the EdTech arena, having accumulated over 30 years’ experience within Primary, Post-Primary, Further and Higher Education sectors.

Learning Possibilities collaboration with Microsoft began in 2003 with the development of the first cloud based Microsoft SharePoint learning platform. Since then it has signed a Global Alliance with Microsoft and this year was named ‘Finalist – Microsoft Education Partner of the Year’. The LP+365 App captures the essence of the LP+ platform, which is contracted to over one million users across the UK and brings a teaching and learning focused approach to Microsoft Office 365.