Virtual Schooling

It’s 2 months since the British economy and schooling system went into shutdown and longer for other countries in Europe and Asia. There has been uncountable number of articles, video, TV documentaries and analysis carried out on this new trend of “home schooling”, “virtual learning” or “digital transformation”. This is all to say that in a matter of months, the education system has transformed from being an onsite, face to face, classroom-based system to one that is carried at home, virtually over the internet.

While it may seem like this right now, to say that education has become virtual overnight is an insult to all those wonderful teachers and transformational leaders who had the vision over the past 10 – 15 years to create a more resilient system that strives to become ever more inclusive, and ever more accommodating for learners of different standards, abilities and interests.

What today looks like virtual learning and virtual schooling is actually one element of an integrated learning program coming to the fore and becoming visible to all (and for the first time to some). The advances in technology infrastructure has definitely helped in some countries, but in other countries despite the lack of good technology infrastructure, the vision, foresight and perseverance of countless number of teachers and education ministers to integrate technology, however basic, is bearing fruit today.

Some governments like the visionary government of Wales in 2010 created a vision for digital wales, creating a world class technology platform called Hwb that for the first time across the four British nations, and worldwide, created a national education system that integrated digital (online) and physical (offline) education delivery. Considered a world leading initiative by many education experts, the main outcome following almost a decade of use, from today’s perspective is that students & teachers across Wales are far more comfortable and at ease using technology to enhance delivery.

Other governments like the ones of Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America, owing to the limitations of infrastructure have initially embraced digital resources such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy and others. In addition, billions of dollars have been invested or earmarked to upgrade their telecoms infrastructure and to support teachers with an integrated set of digital tools into their onsite delivery of curricula.

So perhaps, instead of calling this the Virtual revolution or digital transformation, it is time to perhaps think of this as an integrated learning system, that works both online and offline.

In my next blog, I shall cover What Integrated Learning could look like for the economies of tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, keep reading and keep learning!

How our imaginary school Elstree Academy keeps educating with LP+365

Elstree Academy has shifted its education to an online-only approach. With LP+365, the Elstree Academy found itself ready for this massive readjustment.

In the first quarter of 2020, schools all over the word were faced with cancellation of classroom-based learning due to the global pandemic. While the decision to close schools has undoubtedly saved lives, it poses an unprecedented disruption for students, as schools scramble to adjust to the new normal.

Fast transition amidst crisis

While our imaginary school Elstree Academy was preparing for total school closure, management was preparing teachers and students to take advantage of digital technology to enhance learning. School leadership had made a series of decisions about platforms, resources like digital textbooks, and the 1:1 use of devices. One such decision was to use LP+365 as the hub for classroom learning.

Microsoft Teams

Teams works well in the classroom, and we had deployed it as part of LP+365 solution across its curriculum long before COVID-19. According to teachers at Elstree Academy, “It was an easy transition. We are already very familiar with Teams, as are my students, so that was all so easy.

Simplicity of setup

Using LP+365 to facilitate a virtual classroom experience has been encouraging. “From the IT side, I love that it manages itself. I set it up every year. To support our registrar, if students need to change classes, all their Teams, class sites and everything will be switched thanks to LP+365 provisioning.” This integrated, simplified setup makes things much easier for both teachers and students.


Parents are also pleased with the smooth transition from the physical classroom to virtual. According to Elstree Academy’s teachers “Parents are really grateful that we have a system in place and that their children are getting up and they know what to do. They are seeing other teenagers in the neighborhood, who do not have anything to do—they are walking around, they are just hanging out. Our parents are really grateful for what we have in place.”

“With LP+365 we just flipped the switch. We had a schedule, and we had a plan to be online.”


Teachers take attendance by looking at the list of those attending the Teams meeting.  If a student is missing, they use the invite to call their cell or call their device and bring them back in, and if they do not respond, they are marked absent. As a policy, the school requires that students leave their cameras on throughout the meeting, so educators can decide to check in on students as the class time progresses.  In addition, they have been using Microsoft Stream to record the sessions.

Microsoft Webinar

In this Microsoft webinar we are thrilled to announce that our CEO Mehool Sanghrajka will be discussing how education technology can enhance education in this ‘new normal’. Mehool commented, “Schools and colleges will not be fully open for months, and whilst many of them have put together a collection of resources, they need to consider their long-term strategies.”

If you missed this webinar and Q&A, you can see it here.


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in thousands of schools being shut and millions of children having their education disrupted. At Learning Possibilities we are keen to support schools during this difficult time, and together with Microsoft are now offering schools free LP+365 licenses until September 2020.

We know many schools have started to look at how they can provide remote learning using an eclectic mix of software for video conferencing, resource distribution and setting assignments. LP+365 works with Microsoft technology to deliver all this and more using an easy to learn dashboard whilst managing all the sensitive data securely.

“At Learning Possibilities we wanted to support schools at this difficult time. We appreciate that teaching and learning remotely is difficult, and many schools were not prepared for this pandemic. Our experience shows that LP+365 helps with both remote learning and parental engagement.   We are delighted to be working with Microsoft to make our platform available for free until September”, said Mehool Sanghrajka, CEO.

The offer for free LP+365 licences is available to schools with Microsoft Office365 tenancy (which is also available free to qualifying schools)  until 1 September 2020.

To learn more about the LP+365 Learning Platform, click here.

To apply for this offer, click here.


LP+365 allows you to Teach from home. Scheduling a video call in Teams is simple, add the invitation to the LP+365 class dashboard and all of your students can access your class remotely. Video calls allow you teach remotely in the same way as you would in the classroom, whether its teaching to the whole class or one to one. Just some of the many useful features include, both Teachers and Students having full access to their LP+365 classroom, the option to turn webcams on and off for privacy, sharing your desktop with your class and recording the class to share later with any absentees.


There is a video guide on the LP+365 support site that shows you the simple process of scheduling a video call and sharing it with your class.


LP+365 support is available to all use directly from with the App. Its packed with useful information to help drive adoption with both Teachers and Students.

The Support Centre includes:

  • A full set of training videos
  • The Teacher Handbook which includes everything there is to know about the App
  • Using LP+365 with Teams to Teach remotely
  • LP+365 Adopt Framework
  • Using LP+365 Offline
  • Webinars
  • Insights from Professor Heppell

New content is added regularly, visit the Support Centre to see more.

Technical Update


Over the past 6 months, the LP Technical Teams have tirelessly worked on delivering projects for the Asia market.

After market due diligence, it was evident there was a need for a completely new Identity and Access Management protocol to be setup targeting a countrywide deployment.

Using our experience and knowledge of Microsoft products, the system foundations were designed for a countrywide rollout with future enhancements currently at the planning stage. These deployments would allow various technologies that are currently segregated to be consolidated, including the LP+365 Learning and Collaboration platform, using single sign-on.

The overall goal is to ensure the technology enables teachers to deliver education needs effectively!

LP+365 is integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing teachers to access Teams from anywhere within LP+365 application through the menu bar. (See image)

Teams includes a Staffroom where Teachers can collaborate and communicate with other Teachers within the school. ‘Conversations’ allows Teachers to communicate via instant messaging and video meetings. ‘Files’ allows files and folders to be shared and the ‘Staff Notebook’ includes a collaboration space, content library and a private section for each member of staff.

Teams also allows Teachers to schedule video calls with their students when they need to Teach remotely. Video calls allow full access to LP+365 and include the options of sharing desktops, turning webcams on and off  and the recording of the class to share later with any absentees.

G-Cloud 11 Framework

Learning Possibilities announce their inclusion on the G-Cloud 11 framework, for 4th consecutive year

Learning Possibilities (LP) have been selected to deliver cloud services as part of the GCloud 11 Framework 

ELSTREE, England – October. 2019 – Learning Possibilities, a Microsoft Global Alliance Partner have been successfully listed as a G-Cloud 11 supplier on the Digital Marketplace in large-scale identity management, and Software and Support for the 4th consecutive year.

The G-Cloud Framework

The G-Cloud Framework is an agreement between government and suppliers to deliver digital services. The services are broken down into three services, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

LP are proud to offer services under G-Cloud, including large scale identity management using Azure Active Directory, and the LP+365 application for Microsoft Office 365. These services are offered to both schools, local authorities and governments in both the U.K. and internationally.

About the LP+365 app

LP+365 is the latest learning and collaboration platform by Microsoft Global Partner, Learning Possibilities. Integrated with the latest Microsoft technology on one simple but engaging dashboard the App brings LP+ technology to Office365, providing schools with all the tools they need to share resources, communicate, collaborate and manage assignments. The app encompasses technology-enhanced learning complementing flexible pedagogies where teachers and students can explore flipped learning.

About Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities was founded in 2007 and develops learning and collaboration platforms on Microsoft Office 365 technologies, used by most corporates. Independent research shows that the LP+ learning platform drives both education outcomes and teacher productivity. The company currently operates in 11 countries worldwide through a network of local partners. Learning Possibilities has also published the LP+ Adopt e-maturity framework for schools, selected by the UK Government as the National Learning Platform Adoption Model. Learn more at

Sales and Marketing Executive

Permanent, Full time

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire

Role: Sales & Marketing Executive

We have an excellent opportunity for a Sales and Marketing Executive to join a global EdTech business. Working with the senior team, the successful candidate will be involved in organising marketing material, exhibitions and social media campaigns and working on major account management.

We are looking for an enterprising individual with an interest in understanding different cultures.

Some travel may be required.

About the Company

Learning Possibilities is an award-winning social enterprise in the education technology field working with governments globally. The Company is based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Main Responsibilities

• Support account management of major clients
• Development of marketing material and collateral for use in client presentations
• Organising exhibitions, both in the UK and overseas
• Social media marketing to promote business activities
• Ability to demonstrate our technology

Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications

Essential Skills and Experience:

• Degree level education
• Relevant experience an advantage
• Strong communication skills
• Team player
• Self-starter, with strong innovation and problem solving skills

Remuneration package

Excellent salary package, £25,000 – £30,000 per annum basic, depending on experience.

This job description is a guide to the key elements of the current role. It is not intended as a completely permanent schedule and is not part of the employee’s contract. Please note that other duties may be required by management from time to time.

To apply or find out more about the role please email your CV and covering letter to

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