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Looking back, we were delighted with our participation numbers, the quantity of resources and of children’s work, the sheer scale, our confirmed hunches about the future, and of the way that our decisions about tight protection at all times of our users’ privacy, have proved to be absolutely correct. But looking back there are some

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Our six year contract with the Welsh government has now reached its conclusion; following the three year extension after an independent review confirming its “value for money”. Time to look back, and forwards! Our conversations with the government began in 2012 and rightly there was a complex and competitive procurement route to follow from there.

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Open source software (OSS) has gradually entered the field of education to meet the need of affordable and customizable tools. Many countries have paid great attention to the development of open source software for education. However, many problems occurred in its application, which hindered growth, particularly in developing countries. This was especially true for Learning


The Welsh Government published its Learning in Digital Wales Report on October 2016, which took a critical look at its funding of digital infrastructure, devices, platforms and content into schools. On the LP+ (HWB+) platform, the report commented; “Hwb+ [LP+] meets the objectives for the VLE which were specified, including a single user log on

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Independent evaluation of the learning platform LP+

An independent evaluation of the implementation of the learning platform LP+ across schools in Wolverhampton local authority.


The ADOPT Framework

Our ADOPT Framework is a published framework for the adoption of learning platforms and was selected as the UK’s National Learning Platform Adoption Model.

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