What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are activities that require us to use our ingenuity to solve a set of real-world problems. Traditionally, hackathons have been associated with coding, but working with learn-tech.io, Learning Possibilities has developed far broader topics.

Real life is all about solving problems to meet our needs or help others, and hackathons reproduce this quest in miniature as a satisfying challenge, stretching and developing our skills and knowledge.

Our hackathons can be over one, two or three days and cover both real-life scenarios as well as leading edge technology solutions. We have delivered these across the world.

Hackathon Topics

Addressing the Climate Crisis

Humanising Technology

Addressing Artificial Intelligence

What can you expect on our hackathon..?

You will be given scenarios and videos to analyse, and questions to answer individually and in teams

You will build your knowledge and skills in the subject area

By solving introductory problems, you will gain an understanding of what you can do to anticipate and solve practical problems that you may face in your role.

Some of our previous Hackathons

Bridging the
gender digital divide

Bridging the STEM Divide

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