Our free trial version of the LP+365 app has evolved and we now offer a four-week pilot programme. As part of the pilot programme, you will benefit from;

✔ Welcome meeting – 30 minute walk-through and Q&A session

✔ Dedicated support in creating and populated class and subject site

✔ Weekly education orientated webinars (30-45 minutes)

We are retiring the free App from 06/06/2018  and from this date you will no longer be available to access the App and any exisiting data stored here will be deleted from the 20/06/2018.

However we are super excited to invite you to take part in our new exciting free LP+365 pilot programme to try the new and exciting features LP+365 can offer .

To enroll in the programme or for more information contact us here:

Telephone: UK: +44 (0)208 236 1010   E-mail: enquiries@lpplus.com