Making Education Accessible

One of our aims at Learning Possibilities is to ensure that our solutions are always accessible, despite location, connection or device

Ensuring that our latest platform, built on Office 365 – LP+365 is compatible across devices caters to a demand not only for schools who’ve invested in various technologies, but also for students who want to continue learning outside of the classroom:

Can I get this on my phone?” – asked a student from a Junior School in Southampton.

The answer is ‘yes’! In addition to being able to access the app from a web browser on a laptop, Chromebook, MacBook or PC, you can also access the Learning Management System (LMS) from your smartphone or tablet; providing your school has set up the app on their Office 365 tenancy.

We believe that having an LMS at school that works seamlessly – whatever devices you have available, is key to being able to embed technology into pedagogy and regular teaching practices.

For more information on the LP+365 app, click here to learn more, or get in touch with our Account Management Team to discuss how LP+365 could work for your school.

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