LP+365 content can be accessed offline on your desktop and mobile. This document explains the simple process of setting up your Android device so you can access your LP+365 Class Notebooks using OneNote.

The Play Store

  1. Visit the Play store from your Android device and install Microsoft OneNote.

  1. Enter your email address and password to sign in.


OneNote allows you to view and edit your Class Notebooks on your Android device when both online and offline.

  1. Launch the OneNote App and the Notebook section is displayed. Select your class Notebook or select More Notebooks to browse all.

  1. Once you have opened a NoteBook it can be accessed and edited offline. Any changes you make to a document will be updated when you are next online.



  1. OneNote Notebooks can also be opened directly from your OneDrive App.

Teachers Notebooks are in the class Notebooks folder in the files section of the OneDrive App.

Students Notebooks are in the Shared section on the OneDrive App.