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At Radenta Technologies, Inc., transform the IT landscape to realize mobility, increased elasticity, and operational effectiveness; while eliminating complexity. Radenta’s purpose is engineered towards redefining and elevating the way the market adapts to and does IT.

Radenta has directed its business in providing complete solution and managed services on technology integration, virtualisation and cloud, to set a paradigm in empowering customers to readily adapt to the changes in the IT landscape from the simplest enhancements to major breakthroughs. With Radenta as their ally, customers are equipped with the right technology to run their IT operations efficiently and effectively. Radenta’s engagement to customers is about provising a 360-degree transformation in the customer’s IT landscape—from assessment of their current infrastructure all the way round to maintaining seamless operations. The convergence of best-of-breed technology, well-equipped/ proficient manpower, and strategic partnerships, result to only one goal: customer satisfaction in bringing out the best in their IT operations. Radenta delivers the economic advantage of a partner to business enterprises, and ensure the 100% efficiency and effectiveness in the landscape of IT.

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