LP+ Classroom Manager

Enhance teaching and learning with technology within your classroom

Management of learner devices in the classroom to encourage high standards within technology-enhanced teaching and learning, embracing the UK Government School Inspectors’ guidelines for effective teaching. With LP+ Classroom Manager the teacher is able to effectively educate students by monitoring learner devices, sharing the teacher screen and restricting applications for normal classroom environment or tests.

LP+ Classroom Manager

The LP+ Classroom Manager software is designed to have an immediate impact after implementation, making computer-led instruction much more efficient. This allows teachers to monitor student activity from a central console and take control of any machine if required (whether from the teacher’s PC or technician’s) and assigning work to the class or individual students has never be easier. The software will work with a mixture of technologies as well as operating systems, allowing control of specific components, such as Internet, USB, keyboard etc. Where this is deployed across a whole school, a technician console allows management of all devices within the school through a single view.

High-level Architecture

The architecture of the Classroom Manager allows for the product to operate in a flexible manner, making deployment per class simple. The product software resides on Microsoft Azure from where all classroom downloads are tracked. Further updates, when available are managed from Azure using the Microsoft Intune package.

Using LP+Classroom at scale

The product has been designed to work in a school environment within an Office 365 tenancy. It works by allowing teachers to be dedicated to a single classroom at a time, managing students only for that class. The classroom environment is normally created using a dedicated IP structure. However, virtualisation of classes is possible, where all devices are virtual and managed from within the Azure VM structure.

LP+ Classroom Manager Key Features


Engage and manage students in a digital learning environment. Provide tools to encourage participation, collaboration and the safe use of technology.


Tools to enhance learning, keep students on track, encourage continuous assessment which reduces teacher workload.


Unique and innovative solution for the provision of modern foreign language (MFL) teaching without the need for specialist equipment.


Dedicated tools for the IT Technician and Network Manager to aid in the effective management of all IT assets and deliver teacher support.


The toolsets are fully secure to ensure lesson times are not interruptible. During lesson times, students are only allowed to access a set of approved sites.


Student or class progress can be tracked and reviewed on a continuous basis.

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