LP+ Content Manager

Managing all of your resources

LP+ Content Manager is a dynamic store for all types of resources a school may need. This includes purchases from publishers, teacher created content, or content that has come through other content sites. The Content Manager can be open or password protected through the LP+ Identity Management solution. Teachers can assign content to learners, use content within assignments, or this could be used by learners for self-paced learning at home.

LP+ Content Manager

The LP+ Content Manager is built on Microsoft technology to manage documents, pictures and videos in multiple formats. These include standard Word, Excel, PowerPoints, Images and PDF documents. The content is categorised by subjects and grades, with additional meta tagging, making the individual resources more discoverable using navigation or the powerful search tool.

In addition, Ministry or Department of Education announcement, events, news, curriculum teacher development sections can all be added to the LP+ Content Manager, making it a single portal for all school and teacher needs.

LP+ Content Manager Key Benefits

LP+ Content Manager has been successfully implemented for government projects, such as HWB in Wales. The LP+ Content Manager is multi-lingual, and allows authorised users to rate and tag content, and also to leave further comments. Users can see how often resources have been used, making the site useful for finding the most popular material. Open APIs allow access to content on other sites, enabling search and identification.

LP+ Content Manager usage

Different countries have specific educational needs based on their examination board. The content management system caters for each requirement and ensures that learners access content simply and effectively. The content management system consolidates information for learners using various sources, from the cloud and on premise databases.

Estyn report for Barry Island Primary

“Due to the Home/School accessibility with Hwb+, it provides opportunities for seamless in and out of school learning & communication.”

“The school uses highly innovative and effective practices in developing Hwb & Hwb+ Learning. For example, pupils use Hwb+ to upload their home learning and research work” (Read More)

(Estyn – Government Inspectors of Education and Training in Wales, 2014)

LP+ Content Manager Key Features

User Access

User access can be open or managed through the LP+ Identity Manager


Content can be classified by grades and subjects with further meta data to aid search.


Star rating, view and comments easily identify the most popular content.

Meta Tagging

Increase searchability by adding tags that relate to schools, regions, learners or curriculum.


Reports highlight usage insights and analytical reporting.

Powerful search

Content met tagging for searching specific content.

Content Source

Content can be teacher produced or purchased from publishers.

Open APIs

APIs allow for search and identification of resources on other content sites.


Content can be archived based on age and usage.

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