Supporting Schools and Education Ministries during the COVID-19 pandemic

At Learning Possibilities, we are at the forefront of teaching and learning using technology, and have first-hand experience of the difficulties in teaching learners away from the classroom. We have therefore teamed up with Microsoft to offer FREE licenses for our LP+365 learning and collaboration platform to schools until 30th December 2020.

"LP+365 from Learning Possibilities transforms Office365 into a learning and collaboration platform for education. It integrates with all major tools in Office365."

The offer

Learning Possibilities is offering free licenses during the COVID pandemic to any school that requires them, subject to our terms and conditions below, for up to 4 weeks until December 2020. This offer is in conjunction with Microsoft and requires the school to have Microsoft Office365 for Education, which is available free to qualifying schools, and also with subscription options.

Working with Office365

  • Works with Office A1 (free) and A3 subscriptions.
  • A secure Azure Web App, proven to scale.
  • Integrates with all Office365 tools, including Teams, Skype, Exchange, OneNote, OneDrive, BI and SharePoint.

Teaching & Learning

  • Teachers and Learners organised by class and subject.
  • Teachers can distribute resources, set assignments, tests quizzes and collaborative work for their class.
  • Communicate with students via secure email, video conferencing and chat.
  • View student performance and sentiment.


  • Free online Support Centre with manuals, videos and content.
  • Peer to Peer support sites.


By applying for this offer, you confirm your agreement to our terms and conditions below.

  • The free license offer runs to 30th December 2020. After this time, schools will have the opportunity to acquire the platform at a discounted price.
  • This offer is available to new schools only.
  • The school requires a Microsoft Offie365 tenancy. This is available free of cost to qualifying schools.
  • Use of LP+365 is subject to our EULA.
  • The school will need to provide teacher and learner information for the platform to be setup. Once configured, this cannot be changed during the offer period.
  • LP+365 is fully hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • LP decisions on all matters are final.