Digital Readiness

Our web based diagnostic tool provides you the opportunity to accurately assess digital readiness and status

LP+ OASIS is a web-based diagnostic tool that provides individual schools, groups of schools or Ministry of Educations (MoE) an opportunity to accurately assess their digital status and readiness through surveying all stakeholders. It is quick and easy to use, and produces detailed reports showing strengths, weaknesses, priority areas and action plans.

Based on well-established European quality assurance systems, such as EFQM at an institutional level, and SELFIE in respect of eLearning. These systematic processes are based upon rigorous self-review, evaluation and action planning involving all stakeholders in an organisation.

LP+ OASIS allows the ministry or school to customise the data collected, add local languages and deliver the solution over simple mobile phones.

LP+ OASIS invites responses from stakeholders to a series of challenge questions in relation to the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. In order to gain a complete perspective; all stakeholders are involved including school leaders, teachers, students and parents. Each of the participating schools receives an evaluation report that details the strengths and development areas based upon the responses to the stakeholder consultations. The report forms the basis of a digital action plan that a school will draw up, which takes account of local circumstances and priorities, such existing school improvement plans.