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LP+ ADOPT is a cloud based platform offering a scalable solution to professional development, setting courses, exams and certification. LP+ ADOPT offers single sign-on, administration and detailed reporting. Courses can be created or curated, and easily assigned to learners. LP+ ADOPT offers many options for exams and assessments, including self marking. Certification and proctoring options are inbuilt.

Following our publication of the ADOPT Framework  which was selected as the UK National standard for technology adoption in schools, we have now developed usable and flexible platform for delivering professional development.

Just in Time Training

LP+ ADOPT allows for courses to be developed in-house, purchased from publishers, or from content repositories such as Microsoft Learn.

Multi Lingual Platform

LP+ ADOPT allows multi-language platform and content solutions.  It has user collaboration and peer-to peer learning for courses


LP+ ADOPT incorporates certification, exam proctoring and self-marked assessments

National Projects

LP+ ADOPT was used by the Government for its National Project in Wales. You can download a copy here: ADOPT Framework

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