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LP+ OASIS is a tool built for measuring gap analysis and frequently used for assessing digital readiness at school and country level. OASIS is built on international best practice, with models based on the EU SELFIE approach, and the ADB Digital eReadiness Framework (DeRF). Using the findings from the situational analysis, a teacher professional development curriculum is designed, based on the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, with suitable modifications in the light of the digital ambitions of national governments and education ministries. Working with local partners in the target country, our experts conduct an online survey of a representative sample of teachers; this survey is supplemented by face-to-face focus group discussions in different parts of the country in a wide variety of schools

Learning Possibilities created the UK National Framework for transforming education through innovative use of learning technologies

The COVID pandemic has shone a spotlight on teacher digital skills. Many governments and education ministries across the world have come to realise the importance of teacher digital skills, as well as the considerable amount of professional development activities necessary to bring all teachers up to an international standard, that enables them to handle a range of hybrid learning techniques. The skills necessary to reach international standards and expectations include, not only, knowledge, expertise, and confidence to operate in a digital and online environment, but also, importantly, an understanding, and a capacity to apply and combine the pedagogy of distance with classroom learning, including the operation of online and digital assessments and the creation of digital portfolios of authentic performance evidence.

Working with the Education Ministries and UNICEF in Sri Lanka, our team of educational consultants designed and developed a teacher Digital Competence Framework (DCF) based on LP+ ADOPT and the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, together with a curriculum and to train a cadre of master trainers, in English and in both the community languages of Sinhala and Tamil. The program will use the train-the-trainer model to work with local intermediaries in all parts of the country to create a network of school-based professionals.

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Government’s Learning in Digital Wales (LiDW) Report

The Welsh Government published its Learning in Digital Wales Report on October 2016, which took a critical look at its funding of digital infrastructure, devices, platforms and content into schools.…