Identity and Access Management

Management of critical teacher, learner and admin identities

LP+ Identity and Access Management (IDAM) permits teachers, students and admins to log into a range of online and digital services with a single sign-on, by regularly synchronising school and Ministry of Education (MoE) databases with Azure Active Directory.

Identity Management

For an online education ecosystem to work seamlessly, management of teacher, learner and admin identities is critical if users are to have the correct access and privileges. The LP+ IDAM solution integrates with large numbers of school databases (MIS/SIS/CSV) and manages appropriate access to digital resources. These identities are maintained, modified and monitored throughout the period that they are attached to the school/MoE.

Key Benefits

LP+ IDAM has been used in countries where schools use numerous MIS/SIS systems, integrating into a single large Office365 tenancy. LP+ IDAM can provide an integrated solution with full data sovereignty. An on-premise Active Directory passing anonymous tokens to the Azure cloud, or fully integrated Azure Active Directory.

Using LP+ IDAM at Scale

LP+ IDAM is designed to work at scale across multiple tenancies with millions of users. This allows users to move seamlessly between tenancies, and role based admins to manage full or partial tenancies. As learners move to higher grades, move between schools or leave and return, the LP+ IDAM solution will manage access and privileges.

Managing Identity and Access at Scale

“Hwb+ [LP+] meets the objectives for the VLE which were specified, including a single user log on for all teachers and learners, ability to be accessed anywhere at any time from any device, and tools and content, most notably access to Office365, purchased through a ‘buy once for Wales’ approach.“

(Welsh Government's Learning in Digital Wales (LiDW) Report)

LP+ IDAM Key Features

Integration with school MIS/SIS systems

Integrates with numerous school and MoE databases, as well as CVS and other file types.

Single Sign-on

Each user allocated a unique login and password, which provides single sign-on to all services.

Security & Sovereignty

Enable security policies to allow multiple levels of security, as well as data sovereignty.

Role based access

Access can be linked to roles for admin, teachers, learners.

Classes & Subjects

Teachers and learners only see their classes, subjects and resources.

Learner journey

LP+ IDAM manages migration of learners and teachers between schools and grades.

Identity Management

User identities will be archived and deleted in line with policies

Data monitoring

Regular monitoring and reporting to ensure data integrity.


LP+ IDAM has self-service portals for profile and password management.

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