Delivering Impact. At Learning Possibilities, our award-winning technology is designed to scale from a single school to regional or national projects, whilst still delivering positive education outcomes.

Learning in Digital Wales

LP+ was chosen as the National Platform for Wales, and described as ‘world class’ by the Government. A ground breaking project connecting all 600,000 learners into a single learning platform integrated with Office365. The project transformed the education system, bringing well documented positive education outcomes.

Creation of Opportunities for Jordanian Youth

Creating a digital space for students through LP+ Adopt to deliver INJAZ programs and manage administration, monitoring, and reporting of online courses and training programs that are delivered by the organization.

Philippines Identity Management

Identity management is a key component of learning platforms, and access to digital resources and services. The Department of Education is moving over 25m learners spread across 7,000+ islands to Azure Active Directory using the LP+ Identity Management Solution.

The Wales IDAM Project

Providing digital learning for Wales using Identity Management – a large-scale project was rolled out by Learning Possibilities using identity management to initiate the secure digital learning for 600k students and teachers in Wales.

Thought Leadership

Our collection of webinars and whitepapers