Our Working Process

At Learning Possibilities, our award-wining technology is designed to scale from a single school to regional or national projects, whilst still delivering positive education outcomes.

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We work with governments, funders, partners and schools to deliver impactful projects worldwide

A 6 year, $15M national project to provide a learning and collaboration platform to 700,000 teachers and learners

A World Bank funded project to review digital readiness in schools and recommend interventions to support the MOE.

An ADB funded project to diagnose and provide intervention support to MOE's in Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, leading to national rollouts.

Digital Readiness Analysis, Teacher Digital Competency Curriculum, and Teacher Certification for Sri Lanka.

Frameworks & Curriculum

Our ADOPT framework is the UK national framework for school transformation. We work with ministries to build frameworks and curriculum to develop teachers and transform schools.


Our team of senior and highly skilled education and technology consultants and engineers support schools and ministries to realise their vision and build impactful solutions.

Digital Readiness

LP+ OASIS is a web-based diagnostic tool that provides school groups or MOEs an opportunity to accurately assess their digital status and readiness through surveying all stakeholders.

Cloud Identity

LP+ Identity and Access Management (IDAM) permits teachers, students, and admins to log into a range of online and digital services with a single sign-on, by regularly synchronising school and Ministry of Education (MoE) databases with Azure Active Directory.


Our cloud platforms are secure, scalable, and affordable. They are designed for both K12 learners, as well as teacher development, TVET and certification

Transform Microsoft Office 365 into your school learning and collaboration platform, make teaching and learning easy, interactive, engaging and collaborative, both at school and at home.

A cloud-based platform offering a scalable solution to professional development, setting courses, exams, and certification.


Our first app, Learning Islands, built on our mobile gaming platform brings reading to life with animated Disney and Pixar stories as well as interactive activities featuring the story characters.