We build cloud solutions for the education market on Microsoft technology


We understand schools and build solutions for teaching and learning as well as engagement with parents and other stakeholders. We work at school, district and national levels. Our uniqueness is the blend of both our deep understanding of technology adoption and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary education outcomes.
We were the first to build a multi-tenanted, cloud based learning platform on Microsoft technology; our LP+ platform is the now the largest globally. LP+ is the National platform for Wales (UK) and Kuwait and LP+ ADOPT is the National Framework for the adoption of Learning Platforms for the UK.

LP+4 Learning Platforms

Vibrant learning platforms built on Enterprise class technologies

We deliver secure, customisable cloud-based learning platforms for schools with one-click collaboration and communication tools, drag and drop resource/assignment management, integration with MIS systems and usage analytics. We can offer bi-lingual platform and provide guaranteed UK data sovereignity.

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LP+365 Transforming Microsoft Office 365 to your school LMS

Our new LP+365 solution delivers popular tools and features of LP+4 on the Office 365 and Azure platforms to make native features more easily accessible, educationally relevant and usable within classroom environments.

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The All Wales National Learning Platform

A version of our LP+4 platform built for all Welsh Schools has been delivered since 2012. Learning Possibilities continues its commitment to deliver ‘a world-class’ bilingual platform playing its part in the ‘Learning in Digital Wales’ programme. With all schools in Wales having seamless access to Office 365 and single sign-on to 3rd party content through Hwb+, the transformation of teaching and learning practices in Wales is well underway.

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