The Welsh Government published its Learning in Digital Wales Report on October 2016, which took a critical look at its funding of digital infrastructure, devices, platforms and content into schools.

On the LP+ (HWB+) platform, the report commented;

“Hwb+ [LP+] meets the objectives for the VLE which were specified, including a single user log on for all teachers and learners, ability to be accessed anywhere at any time from any device, and tools and content, most notably access to Office365, purchased through a ‘buy once for Wales’ approach. “

“Usage data on Hwb and Hwb+ and evidence from surveys and qualitative feedback seems to indicate that LiDW products and activities (including infrastructure improvements) have had a positive effect on increasing the use of digital resources in schools. Training, support and awareness raising activities also appear to have contributed to increases in the use of digital resources and to improving the confidence and awareness of teachers and school managers.”

The Report also comments on the high adoption of the HWB+ platform, and makes recommendations for future improvements of the programme. You can read the complete report here.


Independent evaluation of the learning platform LP+

Professor Don Passey from the University of Lancaster undertook independent research into the implementation and usage of the LP+365 learning platform in 72 schools in Wolverhampton.

The research gave a summary of the project, its key outcomes and also calculates the cost benefits and return on investment of the LP+ platform.

You can ready a copy of his full report here and also summary of his slides here.

He concluded that the LP+ platform helped  children from a nursery age, hard to reach writers and parental engagement. Critically it also builds key digital skills.