The current pandemic has forced many to learn from home, without access to their school or public libraries.

We are delighted to provide the LP+ Reference eLibrary integrated into our platform. The eLibrary is a curated collection of more than 10,000 reference books that cover all stages of learning and include literary classics from around the world, foreign language and text books etc.  The Reference library is only available through the LP+365 platform and can be made available on request.

The eLibrary has many features;

  • All books are available to download and take anywhere.
  • ‘Collections’ of recommended books.
  • ‘Favourites’ allows you to mark books for later use.
  • Perpetual links are easily available so books can be added to assignments or shared directly.
  • Book discovery tools help teachers and students find the right material for them.
  • Ministries are able to add their own books into the collection.

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App Updates


During the COVID pandemic schools globally were faced with no classroom based learning. While the decision was made to close schools undoubtedly saved lives, but posed disruption to students.

While schools scramble to adjust to the new norm, Learning Possibilities took this initiative to enhance their Lp+365 product to ensure that new but secure  features were made available for students to use for their on-line experience.

App Feature Updates:

  • e-Library – The e-library is a selection of over 15,000 educational titles, including classics, from around the world that have been part of the foundations of education for centuries.

All books are available to download onto any device and can even be viewed offline.

The search and filter options help you to find the exact content that you are looking for and you can also mark books as favourites to make them easily available from the favourites Tab.

Collections are groups of books on a particular subject that are presented together for your convenience.

  • White-label – Partner now have the option to White-label the App.

General Updates:

  • Security – Bug fixes to address vulnerabilities.
  • Skype Chat – Skype chat has been removed from the App as Microsoft are withdrawing the product.

Parent and Guardian access


The Class Notebook is a feature packed part of LP+365. You may already know that each student is automatically provided with their own private section including class notes, Quizzes, Handouts, e-Portfolio and Homework. Teachers can also add additional sections to reflect different requirements within the school curriculum and there is also a collaboration space and content library. The class notebook can also be used offline and has its own dedicated mobile App for both Android and IOS.

What you may not know about the Class Notebook is that teachers can generate a unique link for each student that can be shared with the students parent or guardian, allowing them to follow their child’s progress throughout the academic year.

Teachers can generate the unique links by following the 5 simple steps below.

1. Select the Class Notebook icon on the Class Notebook tile.

2. Select Manage Notebooks.

3. Select the Class Notebook.

4. Select ‘Parent and Guardian links’.

5. The Teacher can now generate links for individual students or the whole class and share them with their Parent or guardian. The links are read only and no account is required to access them.

Using the link, the parent or guardian can now access their child’s class notebook and follow their progress throughout the academic year. In the example below the parent or guardian can see the students most recent homework.

Microsoft now offer new options for applying custom styles and colours to sites that make it easier to define and manage themes across site collections. More details can found here.

The default theme has also been changed resulting in a change of colour to the LP+365 dashboards. You can change the colour back to the original blue by signing in as the Administrator and following the instructions below.

  1. Select any class from the class menu.
  2. Select the Announcement tile title. 
  3. Delete everything in the URL after “” and select enter.
  4. Select the “setting cog” and “change the look”.
  5. Select Theme.
  6. Select the Blue theme and select save.
  7. Return to the App homepage, refresh the browser and the App will have changed back to the original colour.

LP+365 supports all teaching methods including ‘Structured courses’ which some teachers may have used previously on other LMS platforms. ‘Structured courses’ allow teachers to present all of their learning resources and activities together to their students, in one simple package. Watch ‘How to create a Structured course in LP+365’ below to find out more.

To read an independent paper evaluating LP+365 and Moodle, click here.

The British Government have published online educational resources for schools and parents to help children to learn at home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak…. read more here.

Bridging the lockdown learning gap

7 ways to bridge the lockdown learning gap:

1. Support for pupils – Emotional well-being, mental health, heightened anxiety, bereavement and re-adjustment to school.

2. Quality blending teaching and learning – Clear learning outcomes, differentials, interaction, feedback and digital access.

3. Curricular innovation – Outdoor learning, character education and talking about COVID-19.

4. Professional learning opportunities for teachers – Availability, affordability, sharing time and hardware/software.

5. Focused learning Support – Testing, availability of support and pupil absence.

6. Catch-up tutoring – Availability of tutors, affordability, safeguarding, digital access and summer school.

7. Enhanced parental engagement – Guidance to parents, Parental stress and digital access.

The Online Teacher

Catlin Tucker is a Google Certified Innovator, bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker.

In her latest blog she talks about the traits of a successful online teacher.


LP+365 allows you to Teach from home. Scheduling a video call in Teams is simple, add the invitation to the LP+365 class dashboard and all of your students can access your class remotely. Video calls allow you teach remotely in the same way as you would in the classroom, whether its teaching to the whole class or one to one. Just some of the many useful features include, both Teachers and Students having full access to their LP+365 classroom, the option to turn webcams on and off for privacy, sharing your desktop with your class and recording the class to share later with any absentees.


There is a video guide on the LP+365 support site that shows you the simple process of scheduling a video call and sharing it with your class.